Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Home Life and Paul

Well, the last couple of weeks have been busy with doing the regular weekly activities, as well as getting ready for the new baby!! Here are some pictures of around the house!!!

Paul loves playing outside near the workshop, and loves finding things to play with!!! Especially a yellow spring!!!

Paul is inspecting a papaya tree...

The other day at youth group, Paul decided to ride the dog!!! He loves the big dogs, but is terrified of the puppies!!!

Here is Tim after youth group the other night!!! When he left the house, his pants were tan!!! IT was so muddy in the field they were playing in!!!

We have been trying to teach Paul to have his own "quiet time" in the morning!!! 

Just a couple of pictures of Paul...

While we were getting out a bunch of baby things, Paul thought they were for him, so he loves trying everything out!!! 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Youth Group and Fellowship night

June is flying by! And I can't believe we are already in the second week! Anyways, here is last some pictures from last youth group.... I think we had around 90 youth by the end of the night!!!
The Lord really blessed!!!

Playing flour sack races!

Playing relay races inside the church/school building.

Paul loves to try to play my guitar!

Here is a picture of our last fellowship night, last friday night. It is inside our living room!!! We had a wonderful time of singing, and fellowship, and testimonies, as well as a challenging devotional from Tim on being filled with the Spirit!!!

Here is Paul with his bilum that Rexin made for him!

We are working on eating all these bananas right now!!! They are so good!!! Of coarse we only eat them as they turn yellow!!!

Thank you to everyone that takes time to keep up with us, and to view our blog!! We know you all are praying for us, and that means so much to us!!! We will try to keep you posted with more pictures soon!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

June Days in PNG!

Here are a few pictures of just around our house here in PNG!

Tim and Paul reading a bedtime story!

I was making some Winnie the Pooh curtains for Paul and the baby's bedroom!!
Paul helped a little bit!!! Since we have a hand crank sewing machine, he helped to crank!

One day was pretty hot here, and so I put some water in a cooler for Paul.
He loved his little "swimming pool"!

Tim sawing some wood for the fire!

At the youth activity on Friday night, I told Paul to smile for the picture, and he gave me this goofy face!!! What a crazy kid!!! Love him so much!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Around the house in May

It seems like we have been quite busy lately, which is nice to be not bored!!! But here are a few moments we were able to capture on camera. Hope you all enjoy!!!

Tim and Paul in the morning, having a talk I guess...

The kids Sunday school class that I teach... sometimes there are more kids, sometimes less, depending on the day...

I went out on our back porch to do some laundry, and saw this gorgeous rainbow!!! It looked so close, I felt like I could touch it!!

Here are some beautiful roses growing in the garden nearby!! They are so brilliant!!!