Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Visit with the Family

The Lord blessed us with the opportunity to go up to Maine, and visit our family before leaving for PNG. We had such a wonderful time, and enjoyed making lots of priceless memories together!!! Here are some pictures from our visit!!! I hope you enjoy them!!!

Paul and Tim are getting ready to go out in the snow!

It was cold outside, so soon Paul came in, and had some hot chocolate that his Aunt Rachel made for him!!!

Looking at a huge icicle that Daddy found!

Drinking his bottle with Grammie...

...and reading a story

For some reason, Paul loved wearing Grampie's hat!! He looked so cute in it!!

Visiting Grampie in his new work office at the Sheriff's Department. 

Rachel and I were helping Tim and Dad shovel off Jay and Rosanna's porch!!

A long icicle that Tim found!

Paul and his cousin, Brett, got pushed around in a chair, by Grampie, and they loved it!

...eating some cherry cheese cake!!! Yum!

Visiting with great grandpa and great grandma...

Paul liked watching out the window as the guys were shoveling the walkway!


Playing in the snow!

Tim, with his huge snowball, while having a snowball fight with Pam!

The icy Eggemoggin Reach!!

After the storm finally stopped, we saw a gorgeous sunset! The pictures can't even accurately 
show how beautiful it was!

It was bitter cold, but Tim and I jumped out of the truck just in time for a quick picture
in front of the lighthouse off of Deer Isle...the lighthouse is a little ways in the background, so you'll have to look close to see it!

Paul was making coffee for Curious George, I guess..

Paul and Brett like to play the piano...they were so cute playing together!

Paul sharing his treats with Kimber!!!

 Paul playing the piano before we headed out for church on Sunday morning!

coffee break with Brett!