Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Ballli Farm

At the first part of September, someone bought us a week of vacation on a beautiful 215 acre farm! It was so nice and relaxing. It was in the middle of West Virginia, and was very peaceful and quiet. We had to drive about 20 minutes on a dirt road to get to the farm from the main road. Apparently the farm, the Balli Farm, was built in 1900, so it had an antiquated feel about it too!!! 

Here Tim and Paul are enjoying a chilly morning on the porch!

It was so nice outside, we took Paul pack 'n play out on the porch so he could sleep outside. Sort of like camping :)

I think this was a foggy morning, but still quite enjoyable to say the least!!!

Paul enjoyed the porch swing too!!!

Almost every morning, Tim and I would get up to watch the sun rise!!! They were always gorgeous!!!

Another beautiful sunrise over the farm!

Here is the school house!! It was so tiny and cute!! I think they said that its still in use!?

This is the towns only restaurant. We went there on a Saturday night for dinner... It was such a cute place!

Needless to say, we had a wonderful time, and are so thankful to the Lord for giving us such a wonderful time together! Also while we were at the farm we got word from Bro. Crowe, saying that Tim's work permit got accepted, so now we are just working on our visas next before we can book tickets for PNG. Thank you to everyone for your prayers!!! 

Paul and Silas ;)

Some of our friends, the DiFlorios, came to our church while they were on vacation... It was great to see them again!! While we were having supper together, Mrs. DiFlorio mentioned how it was neat that they named their son Silas, and our son is Paul... so we had Paul and Silas. I think we talked till almost midnight, so as you can see, Paul and Silas were very tired. ;)

Monday, September 1, 2014

Everyday around the house

 As I was looking at the pictures that we have taken since our last blog, it seems like it has been awhile. The last few weeks Tim has been working hard at the church, getting some gravel dug up, and some new crushed rock in its place. Paul and I usually drop him off in the morning, and the last couple of times, Paul cried when we left without "Da-da" :(  So Daddy always makes up for the lost time when he gets home...To be honest, I don't know who misses who the most... Daddy or Paul?

 Paul is so precious!!! He is so smiley, and brings such joy into our lives!!! We thank the Lord for blessing us with him!!!

 The last couple of weeks, our church's teen director has asked Tim to put together some games for their friday night teen activities. Tim does a great job keeping the teens busy, and keeping the evening fun! You can see in the next few pictures the teens playing an indoor version of packman/freeze tag. It was a lot of fun!!!!

While everyone was playing, Paul was pretty content to jump in the bouncer...

                  I love watching Paul sleep, it is so relaxing, it sometimes makes me sleepy too!!!

 On Sunday morning, Paul was busy as can be.... destroying anything in sight!!! I guess I need to keep a closer eye on him, now that he's so mobile!!!!

 Sunday afternoon, Paul got into Daddy's shower bag... I guess he thought he needed some men's body mist. :)

 Today, Tim washed the outside of the house. It got very dusty from all the summer mowings. Here are Tim and Paul waiting for the porch to dry.


    Another picture of a very tired little boy!!!