Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Youth Activity

Here are some pictures of around the house!!! And of the youth activity we had last Friday night!! Hope you all enjoy!!

Paul loves washing dishes with me!! I think last week I only washed dishes one time without help from Paul!!! He does the rinsing usually!!!

Gertrude has been helping me around the house, and with the gardening. She is such a blessing!!

Tim praying with some of the youth before starting the activity...

Paul and Tim watching some of the games on Friday night~~

Friday, May 15, 2015

PNG update!!!!!

So sorry it has taken so long for me to blog since we moved to PNG!!! I wasn't sure if the internet would be strong enough, but today it is, Praise the Lord!!! Some of you may have already seen some of these pictures, but we just mostly wanted to see how long it would take to upload these pictures... Anyways, thank you all so much for your prayers!! We see the Lord working, and that is exciting to see!!! We will try to keep the blog updated whenever internet is fast enough!!!

Here is our bush house, and the Landcruiser!!

Tim teaching in the Bible school.

Paul sitting in church on Sunday!

the village of Tiute

Please pray for the village of Tiute, as well as Ajena, as they have been in tribal war for awhile, and are somewhat wanting to make peace, but haven't made their treaty yet!!! Someone from the station goes to both of these villages every Sunday to preach. Pray the Lord will break their hearts for salvation!