Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Home Life

Here are just some random pictures of whats been happening recently for us all.

Paul enjoying some time with Daddy before he headed out for town one morning!

Time with Mommy!! And Mommy loves it!

One of our friends, Delma, and her mom came over for lunch one day after church, and she loved holding Lishie!

Some PNG foliage :)

A beautiful afternoon fog settling in! This was taken from our driveway.

One of our church members gardens up on the mountain. She has a huge pineapple garden, and has given us so many pineapples during pineapple season! They are so delicious and sweet!!

We saw a beautiful double rainbow! The picture doesn't even do it justice, but it was so bright, I don't ever remember seeing a rainbow so brilliant before, and it looked so close as well. I think we came as close to catching a rainbow as you can get, that day! :)

A beautiful sunrise, this view is from our front door!

Another view of a sunrise! This view is from our kitchen window!!!

We got a huge bunch of bananas!! They were so good!

Paul loves umbrellas and going out in the rain.

Paul was watching a football game at youth night!

Hope you all enjoy the pictures! Im sorry if my thoughts are a bit short and skattered... it's hard to get time to blog when the kids are running around getting into everything, as some of you know;) Thank you again for all of your prayers, and for taking time to keep up with us!!!